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I finally got my laptop fixed, well back. I took it to Best Buy last week again finally for the second time and it's good as new. :) I'm so happy, I've went months without my laptop! It feels good to have it back and not have my patience pushed to the limits. Or little creepy spiders trying to see what I'm dong on the internet. So now I shall slowly upload more stuff I made onto here besides Polyvore sets. :P I shall warn you, I haven't done a whole lot because I think with my depression it's been affecting my inspiration to make stuff. But, I'm going to therapy now so hopefully that's taken cared of and I think I just might do some more stuff.

So yeah, that's it. I'll be much more attentive and active on here now that I have my laptop back, get back in the swing of things. So sorry I've been out for awhile, but I'm back and am not going anywhere for awhile. :)
So I know I've been gone for awhile and I'm sorry about that but my laptop is still having to get fixed and without it, I have no other way of scanning/uploading pictures and no photo editing program/software and like I said, this dinosaur I'm on can't take downloading or installing much. xD

I will be putting up more Polyvore sets soon though. And I do have a big favor to ask all of you. My best friend in the world is participating in this modeling contest and the contest is on FB, for any of you guys who have a FB I would appreciate it if you could go to :…

All you have to do is click 'Like' on the MakeBelieveMonsters page and then go to Candice Dani Coleman's picture and click like. She wants to get her name out there as a model somehow someway but not only that but I think it would be a HUGE boost to her confidence if she would win.

Please and thank you darlings! <3…
So it's almost 3:30 a.m. and I'm seriously thinking I have insomnia... but that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this to say that I am partially back ahaha. I have been commenting and looking through my watchers items much more, as well as just getting back to looking at everyone's amazing art work - specifically for the recent contests going on. Wow... it never ceases to amaze me how much talent there is on here. It's... for me it's so inspiring and it's actually a true motivator for me. It's another big motivation to keep on making art everyday or be involved in my creative projects in any which way I can and to get better, improve every day little by little. It gives me the motivation and the hope that one day I will be as amazing as a lot of you guys are.

My laptop is still down, though I have finished another piece - a drawing and I'm quite happy with how it turned out and I have another idea for a drawing or two. And I really have ideas for some digital work - specifically with photo manipulation but until I get my laptop back I cannot. But we're taking it in soon. :3

I do want to post some of my Polyvore sets on here and I might do that sometime this week so be on the look out for that.

Anyways, I should sign off and get to bed since I promised my mom I would get up earlier tomorrow.

See you guys later and stay healthy and happy. :)
I apologize for not being on Deviant Art much. I know I haven't been submitting any new work, commenting, and what not but currently my laptop is out of use. I was supposed to get a new charger from Best Buy but they only sent me half - like to plug it in. >.< I'm going to call them and then hopefully get this straighten out. In the mean time I'm using the main computer which is rather slow and I don't have PS CS5 on here and I'm not going to even try downloading any programs on this slow dinosaur. Aha. So I can't scan, upload, or make any digital stuff until I get the laptop taken cared of. Thank god it's all under that protection service plan, that's the good thing. That's a lesson, always get the protection service plan folks it'll save your butt in the long run.

And also the computer I'm using is a bit slowish and sluggish in general, especially with Deviant Art it takes a minute or two to load up and what not. So I apologize for the hiatus but hopefully I can produce some more art and I have made more Polyvore sets so maybe, just maybe I can upload those. Until then, I'll be checking up on here to make sure I don't have like 1,000,000,000,000,001 messages on here. Once I do get the laptop I'll definitely be on here much more.

Thanks for baring with me! :)
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So my page has received a 1,000 page views and I gotta tell you it's a definitely mood booster with how crappy I've been feeling today. Aha. I'm not going to try and drone this out and keep it too long because a friend told me that I do write lengthy stuff. But I remember first joining Deviant Art and feeling like such a little n00b, trying to get my art work out there and show my passion to everyone. I really don't care about being all popular and so well known on this site, I just want a chance to show my art, for people to enjoy, have people help me improve and better myself as an artist, and to possibly meet other artists/friends. Though not gonna lie, the page count does get me excited and I check everyday. So I'm pretty odd.

I can't believe how much I have improved from when I first joined, it's ridiculously crazy when I look at my first ever little graphic or drawing, then look at my more recent ones. Pretty unbelievable and it makes me feel old. xDDD But I can only hope I continue to improve, learn, and fulfill my passions in life. I have enjoyed my time on this site and will continue to do so.

I would just like to take a moment to thank everyone who has viewed my page. Everyone who has commented on my art, favorite it, or just even take a glance at it. It means so much to me and makes me feel so happy for myself and it gives me so much hope for myself in the future. I am grateful for it all and without you guys I don't think I would ever improve or learn as much as I have. I'd like to thank the ridiculously amazing artists on here photographers, painters, drawers, graphic artists, etc. I enjoy coming on here and looking at all the art work everyday as well as feeling so incredibly inspired and motivated in getting better, wanting to get to a point like that with my work. I'm so glad I have this site to come to, it's my little art haven.

Ahahahahah. Anyways, enough with the sappiness. If I have the time and I think of some ideas, I might make something a little extra special with my 1,000th page view. Maybe something simple, yet cute. I have no idea. But keep your eyes peeled for more of my work and THANK YOU so much. :)
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I have stayed up all night basically, it's around 4 a.m. - shame on me, ahaha. I didn't wake up until three in the afternoon so that's why. But not again, I'm getting up earlier than that. It's around 4 a.m. and this is just a random journal to say that I think I'm out of my slight art block. Which is a great thing, it wasn't overly huge it's just... I don't know, it's like I just didn't have that big mind numbing inspiration in my head to make something aside from Polyvore sets. But now I have gotten that mind numbing sensation and I gotta say.... I've missed it. Ahahahah. I'm making a bit of a surprise for my friend and I hope she likes it, aside from playing Mario Kart half the night that's what I've been working on mostly, this little surprise for her. Hopefully I'll get it done today, but I won't rush it ahahah. Well I can say that I'm tired and less hot than earlier. Time for bed.

Goodnight everyone! ^_^
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I just wanted to apologize for not posting anything relatively new up. I'm so odd when it comes to posting things on here, it's either late at night or after it's been awhile I post stuff randomly out of nowhere. I have had the creative urge, but I've been fueling more of that energy into my stories and updating on Fan Fiction - that takes even longer for me to push out but that's because my updates are soooo long. I don't think any is near 2,000 words. Curses of being an artist, because everything in my mind flashes through me like a movie and if I can't portray how I want it to be in my mind I get lightly frustrated - but that's more so in my writings. When it comes in my actual drawings and what not, I either get slightly disappointed, remind myself how far I've come in my art, or I end up actually liking how it turned out in the final product more than in my head. I'm an odd being. :3

So anyways after awhile I've had a bit of.... it was a mix of a slump combined with laziness and getting ready for graduation. But as you can see I am all graduated now (w00t!) and I've actually come out of my slump, I think. I have all this time this summer and I want to utilize it in my creative projects, which is what I love doing. So I shall. Aha. I can't say when I'll post something next, or at least something that won't be Polyvore related... but just know that something should come about soon. Around midnight or something like that. Ahahahahahah.

Anyways while I'm trying to make new stuff I shall sift through others brilliantly crafted works and be all like O_O.

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I have officially graduated from my high school with the rest of the class of 2011, it was a pretty bittersweet moment. I didn't realize until now that I'm going to miss A LOT of people. Not just best friends or friends, but acquaintances - people I will pass by in the hallways on a daily basis I will no longer see anymore. It kind of saddens me, but I'm reminding myself how I'm closing one chapter in my life and opening up a whole new. I will be embarking on my dreams and pursuing my passions and I'm definitely ready.... I think. No wait, I am. Ahahaha. :D

Good luck to ALL graduates of 2011 - high school and college, you worked your butt off and you made it. I wish all of you the best success and remember we're number one, twice. :D
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Alright, let's do this! ^_^

1. In addition to having a Deviant Art I have the following accounts - Facebook, Tumblr, Polyvore, and Fanfiction. :) If you want any of the links just ask me but pretty much all of my accounts are under the same username with the exception of Facebook and Tumblr.

2. I was born in Bad Nauheim, Germany which is where my mother is originally from. She grew up in the Frankfurt area and we came to the United States when I was about two years old and settled in boring Ohio.

3. Math is by far my weakest subject. I hate math, it should go die in a hole somewhere. >.> It's a subject that was always difficult for me yet over the past four...well three years it hasn't been that bad. I think I like Geometry better than Algebra....

4. I am a shoe addict. I adore shoes, they are probably the item I always splurge on the most. It's mainly high heels that I love, they are just so.... gorgeous. I literally get goosebumps when I walk by and see some cute shoes. It's like - o_o and then <3. Ahahaha. Although I have been getting into more flats, as there are some cute ones around! :)

5. I tend to be very shy in person, I wouldn't say socially awkward but I'm not going to open up to you right on the spot. Sometimes I think people tend to confuse me with being unfriendly, but I'm not. Talk to me more than....two times and I'll start to open up to you much more.

6. I have a ton of stuffed animals, over ten at least and they were all acquired from my mommy. :) I have a gorilla, bunnies, stuffed bears, penguins, etc. One of my favorites is my giant wiener dog that reads, "I love you this much" because it was given by my mommy when we were going through a rough patch in our lives.

7. I am very perplexed and all over the place when it comes to religion, I just don't know what to think. It's not that I'm afraid of what's out there or that I don't believe at all, it's just the bad misconceptions and the constant judging and bickering over who is going to hell or heaven and who isn't. And on the other hand I like to think that there is someone greater than ourselves watching over us and me, especially when I was going through such a hard time last year. Not to mention whenever I went to my neighbors church, their songs always made me feel invigorated.

8. My absolute dream and passion is to be involved in the fashion industry.

9. In the fall I have plans of leaving Ohio to go to New York for college and I am way too excited. :D

10. It's the middle of May and it feels like a damn ice box in my room. D:
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So I just submitted my entry to the contest From Grad to Fab on Polyvore  not too long ago and I have to say, I'm pretty proud with the way it turned out. The contest was that you basically have to put together a set - an outfit one could wear to commencement costing less than $500. You have to have this little price tag in your set with the total price. I adore fashion but honestly, spending over $500 for an outfit to wear to commencement is a little ridiculous. No one is going to even see your outfit during the ceremony because you'll be wearing your robe the whole time. I understand looking nice and pretty, but you don't need to spend anywhere near $500 to do so. As I do when I consider or actually enter most contests on Polyvore, I was looking through other entries. Now I am in no way saying I have the best set in the contest, there are others who have absolutely amazing sets. The outfits look so nice, I love the colors they used, their templates, their little added decorations, etc. However, a lot of these entries were also expensive. Not all of them there, the total costs ranged from moderately low to pretty high. They were all under $500, but still. I do think my outfit properly shows that you can look absolutely amazing at commencement and not spend a fortune. Spending even over $200 is a little crazy. And the best thing is that in my opinion the items used in my set can be worn over again. This contest has given me a ton of ideas of what to wear on my special day. :D

The most expensive thing for my whole look will most likely be my hair. It's in majorrrr need of getting redone. It's long overdue. This time I will have my original hairstylist, the last one I had wasn't my usual one and while she was extremely talented I wasn't extremely happy with how my hair color turned out. It was more golden blond that time than platinum. So this time I'm going for a much lighter hue, a platinum and it will be getting cut. Last time I got my hair done I only wanted a trim because I wanted to see how my hair would look being grown out. I've always had long hair and it wasn't until these past few years in high school where I decided to go for shorter dues. From sophomore to the beginning of senior year was my shortest length ranges. I was sorta missing my longer hair and wanted to grow it back.... I hate my hair this long. It's past my shoulders when straightened and it's just.... blech. First of all long hair really doesn't frame my face properly and sort of looks a bit dull on me. Not only that but it takes longer to straighten. T_T When my hair is shorter and thinned out, I can straighten it in no time but with it sooo long I'm too lazy too. Aha. So yeah I definitely plan to get a hair cut with another mini-transformation/daring look. And I definitely need my hair thinned out, I love when it gets thinned out - it feels like I lost weight in my head because of all the hair that I've lost. My hair grows back like weed. >.>

And well.... I think there was more that I wanted to say but it's almost 1:30 a.m. and I have school in the morning. Oh yeah! Here's another thing, another big thing - it's my last full week of high school ever! I can't believe it, I almost thought I would never survive this dump but I have and I'm so excited to graduate. That's about it for now, aha. I shall retire and go to bed, then get this last week done and over with. Yay! ^_^

So it is almost 12:30 a.m. and I can't sleep which really, really sucks seeing as I have school in the morning. -__- In the past two days I got six hours of sleep total. The first day, it didn't bother me so much for some reason. I mean I was a bit sleepy, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Last night I got around three or four hours of sleep again and I hoped that it wouldn't be so bad today. I was much more tired today, especially during first period in Earth Science and I would put my head down on the desk.... and want to start drifting off to sleep so I decided to distract myself with some drawing. But ugh, I was tired. Towards the end of the school day it's always better but then I got home and it was freezing. So I got out my giant blankets and put them on my bed along with my other giant blankets and then I snuggled in the covers....and took a long nap. Big mistake because now I can't sleep at all. T_T
Oh well... so for right now I'm playing some MK and coloring my drawing at the same time.
School really needs to end so I can be the night owl that I am. >.>
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